Know How

Integrated Engineering and Quality

In Tadeo Czerweny S.A. we develop solutions for the distribution and supply of electric power. Our transformers are made in a productive frame of integrated engineering and quality allowing us to manufacture pole-mounted transformers, distribution transformers, cast resin transformers, power transformers, mobile stations all of them recognised as the most reliable of the market.

This “know how” together with more than 55 years of production provide real value to our customers’ energy needs. From the definition of the need itself to its full satisfaction we orientate our knowledge and productive competence to find a prime solution.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to our development: significant investment, the latest technology, raw material selected from different parts of the world, a computer-based system used for the planification and management of the production and a well qualified professional staff have enabled the company to lead the national market and to project successfully to reach the international one, too.

Our service philosophy allows us to develop long term relationships with clients. This has given us the possibility to consolidate a renowned business prestige which we feel proud of. And it has made our trademark become a leader in the Argentinian energy development.

A trademark on a world scale

For many years Tadeo Czerweny S.A. has sent commercial missions to different Latinamerican countries together with ARIEX Group getting favourable results in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, spreading gradually to the rest of America and worldwide.

In search of new development opportunities in the International Transformers Market, our Transformer Solutions are reaching non-traditional markets such as the Middle East with the provision of transformer sub-stations, special transformers and Power transformers to the U.S.A, among many others.

This trade policy is the result of the company’s sustained labour since 2003. The international vision of the energy business also contributed to the association to global companies for the development of specific products. One of the mentioned alliances is made with the company Tesar SA from Italy and the technology transfer agreement with Ukrainian Institute of Investigation, Technological Design in Transformers PJSC “VIT” from Ukraine.