Artficial Neutral / Grounding Transformers


Worldwide predominant electric distribution systems are designed with isolated neutral. In order to protect this sort of systems, grounding /artificial neutral transformers are installed. These are transformes belonging to the Zig-zag connection group, with available neutral and power-designed to withstand a predetermined fault current to ground during a maximum period of time defined by the same Distribution Company.

These oil –filled transformers windings are designed to withstand the mechanical strengths caused by the high, but of short duration, current generated during the fault to ground of the distribution lines.

Recommended accesories: 

  • Oil reservoir tank with silica gel dryer system.
  • Buchholz relay with alarm and disengage electric contacts.
  • Dial Thermometer with alarm and disengage electric contacts.
  • Magnetic oil level with alarm and disengage electric contacts.
  • Internal sudden pressure relief device with o without electric contacts.
  • Oil Fast emptying valve.
  • Oil sample taking valve.
  • Independant valves for oil treatment.
  • Handling and hanging devices.
  • Grounding terminals.
  • Four bi-directional wheels to facilitate instalation, ground isolated if required.
  • Circuit braker and current transformer for ground fault current protection.
  • Circuir braker and current transformer for neutral fault current protection.
  • Upon request provision can include Low Voltage Auxiliary Services power supply.