We occupy a leadership position in the electric power transformation market, serving our clients with international quality solutions that are better each time and differentiate us from the rest.
We make a commitment in the protection of the environment and we assure people’s well-being and security.

Corporate values

  • Ethical principle: we are a company characterized by its honesty and integrity, always seeking the highest equity and justice levels.
  • Client’s satisfaction: it is our goal to exceed our client’s expectations concerning the solution of necessities.
  • Respect for identity: we assume the compromise to continue with the solid base created by the company’s founder.
  • Quality vocation: we are leaders in the Argentinian market as regards the quality of our products, to consolidate ourselves in the international market, we have to reaffirm this work philosophy.
  • Constant improvement: we are a company that is always learning and progresses steadily towards new challenges.
  • Sense of belonging: each member of the company staff is involved in the company’s purpose and goals, devoting a great deal of effort.
  • Security respect: we assume the compromise to work for the health and security of our staff members as well as to third parties.
  • Environment protection: we assume the compromise to contribute with the protection and preservation of the environment.