TCZ Group


The best cast-resin transformer manufactured by an international team.

Our company together with Tesar S.R.L., the most important cast transformers company in Italy, have established a partnership for the exclusive production of cast epoxy resin transformers.

These products are destined to the national market and Latin American countries, responding to the growing demand due to its non-pollutant and fireproof qualities.

When pursuing a common goal, there are no limits to reach our customer’s satisfaction.

To know about our Product line, please refer to “Products” and then go to “Cast Resin Transformer
(CRT)” section.


Rain S.A

Rain S.A. is a company created to provide removable radiators used in transformers designed for their use. This company has the capacity of providing not only our factory but also any other transformers factory.

The company’s layout as well as the staff training, the machinery selection and the manufacturing process were delineated by Tadeo Czerweny, following the quality philosophy that characterizes the company.