Completely filled Transformers (without nitrogen chamber)

Completely filled Transformers (without nitrogen chamber)

Prestige and reliability

To satisfy the increasing market demand Tadeo Czerweny S.A. has been developing, based on the already traditional model of corrugated tank, the completely filled transformers. Fully accepted in Europe, this sort of products has applications up to 38 kV.


    • Compact design.
    • Minimum maintenance.
    • Descargadores de Oxido de cinc.
    • Interchangeability with transformers with oil compensating tank and Nitrogen chamber types.
    • Practical and less expensive design.
    • Absence of Nitrogen/Gas chamber.
    • Absence of Oil Compensator Tank.


Accessories are provided according to client request, however our IEC product lines already include:

    • 3 porcelain high voltage insulators.
    • 4 porcelain low voltage insulators.
    • 1 off-load “5 steps” tap changerd.
    • 1 oil sample taking valve.
    • 1 oil filling valve.
    • 1 oil drainage valve.
    • 1 nameplate.
    • Lifting, transportation and disassembly eyebolts.
    • 1 thermometer case.
    • 2 grounding terminals.
    • 4 bi-directional wheels.
    • High voltage 2-step arresters.

Recommended accesory:

For transformers above 400 kVA we strongly recommend the use of a General Purpose consolidated detector, that provides: Top Oil Temperature, Oil level indication, Internal Pressure and Internal Gas Accumulation. This last indication is equivalent to the Buchholz Relay for transformers with oil compensating tank. Except for the temperature measurement that provides two electric signal, ALARM and SHUT DOWN, all the others give electric ALARM indications only.


*This last accessory, highly recommended mainly for powers equal or higher than 400 kVA, has the particularity of combining in a single instrument measurements of: Temperature, Pressure, Level and Gas Accumulation Indication: Temperature, Pressure, Level and Gas Accumulation Indication, fulfilling in this last case a mission similar to that of a Buchholz Relay. These protection and measurement devices are equipped with temperature selectors to emit alarm and trip signals. The other three measurements only emit a trip signal each.