Prestige and Trustworthiness

As a reference in the market and backed by our extensive experience of more than sixty years of manufacturing, our transformers are characterized by having the lowest failure rate in service.

Our line of distribution transformers is designed for installation on the ground or on aerial platforms (depending on the power) in urban and suburban power distribution lines, with voltages up to 35 kV.

They are manufactured according to IRAM 2269, IRAM 2250, IRAM 2476, IEC 60076 or ANSI C57 Standards; or with special designs adapted to the needs of the industry. 

They are built with or without expansion tank. In the latter case, the hermetic type can be either integrally filled or with air/nitrogen chamber. 

All transformers are supplied with an externally actuated de-energized switch, all in accordance with the Standards in force. Other switching ranges are available upon request.

Construction Generalities


    • Energy distribution
    • General Industries
    • Oil & Gas
    • Mining
    • Steel industry
    • Elevators for solar, wind and other renewable energy generation.
    • Residential and commercial projects