Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Companies face the daily challenge of providing a safe and reliable service with very strict quality standards. To avoid a decrease in the quality of service, many of them have opted to double the transformation capacity in each transformer station. This solution currently represents very high and unacceptable financial costs.

The energy distribution business is one of heavy capital investment. Therefore, these investments must be minimized without neglecting the quality of service. The stock of transformers must be optimized without neglecting growth and contingencies that could lead to financial penalties from Regulatory Bodies and, even worse, from the customers themselves.

In this context, Tadeo Czerweny S.A. has put itself at the forefront of suppliers of Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Companies, proposing concrete projects for the minimization of capital costs: Mobile Transformer Stations.

The incorporation of Mobile Transformer Stations in the Technical Department of an Energy Company, strategically distributed in the energy supply area, considerably reduces capital and service quality maintenance costs. The time required for their effective commissioning, once transported to the place of operation at a speed of 50km/h on paved roads, is three to four hours.

Provision Examples:


ETM'S Advantages :

 Low cost response to seasonal power charge demands.
 Lower maintenance cost compared to traditional Transformer Stations.
 Temporary power supply through ETM allows to reduce power cuts due to maintenance, with the additional advantage of performing off-load maintenance tasks on transformers and associate equipment.
Faster response, in case of emergencies, catastrophes, floods.
Temporary and cheaper power supply, in due course, for large building sites.