Biography of a pioneer

Mr. Tadeo Czerweny was born in Ukraine in 1909. His family settled in Gálvez in 1913 when the first electric networks for public illumination were built.
His first worshop, always pointed to the encipient electromechanic market became a small factory located in a nearby city called El Trebol. When he returned to Gálvez, he founded together with his five brothers, the electric motors factory that would become one of the most important of the country.
In 1958 he disassociated himself from the company to work on the production of electromechanic accessories and machines, and then specifically of transformers. That was the foundation of his own company which from 1979 would become Tadeo Czerweny S.A. Mr. Tadeo Czerweny was the chairman from 1979 to 1998 when he became Honorary President until his death in June 2000.

The vision of a leader

Engineer Edgardo Orio has continued with the innovative spirit of the company’s founder and has gradually left his personal imprint. Through his leading style and perspective he designed, grew and consolidated Tadeo Czerweny S.A.
He led a productive and quality policy that enabled a professionalized management system to guarantee the existence, development and transcendence of the company Tadeo Czerweny.

A transforming generation

In 2005, as a consequence of Edgardo Orio’s premature death, the new generation family members set up a new board of directors, assuming the responsibility of leading the company thorough the development and excellence path previously traced by its ancestors.

Tadeo Czerweny receiving an award for founding partner of CADIEM.