Prestige and Trustworthiness

A milestone that demonstrates our visionary leadership, without a doubt, was the manufacture of the first Extra High Voltage Transformers.

In 2013, it took the decision to seal a comprehensive technology transfer contract with the PJSC “V.I.T.” Transformer Design and Technology Institute of Ukraine, which has successfully developed the capabilities required by some of the world’s largest transformer companies.

This strategic goal of manufacturing transformers up to 1000 MVA, single-phase and three-phase up to 550 kV, generated a structural change in the company with significant investments along the way. In 2015, a building was built with pressurized atmosphere, controlled in humidity, temperature and particles in suspension, exclusively for Winding and Power Cores.

Investments were made in technology, machinery and devices necessary for the integral manufacture of these transformers, including laboratory and testing areas.

And an autonomous production line was configured for the design and manufacture of these units, which included from the supply of inputs to the installation and assembly equipment.

It is worth mentioning that during this evolutionary development a special High Power division was created to train the professionals in charge of the project, the PJSC VIT intensively trained the engineers, supervisors and collaborators in the whole design and manufacturing process.

The objective set out in the company’s Strategic Plan was met at the end of 2016 with the successful testing of the first of the transformers ordered.

Currently, the Luján Transformer Station in the province of San Luis and the Formosa Transformer Station have these two transformers, guaranteeing the continuity and quality of the electricity supply.

Construction Generalities


    • Generation, transmission and distribution systems of energy concessionaires.
    • Substations of large industrial consumers.